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Navigating the Digital Health Space – for a Positive Outcome
Session Date:  May 11

Session Time:  11:00 am (eastern)

Session Description:

The workforce is, and will likely continue to be, remote workers outside the traditional office. With this shift comes challenges and opportunities. What’s been learned is that telemedicine works, digital treatment works, but confusion remains around what they are, which to use, and how they help. It is important for employers to understand the benefits of these technology solutions now available or already used in our workforce and the value of digital health overall in the benefit plan.

This session will cover what is digital health; the current status across the spectrum of digital health; and look briefly into solutions that help employees to avoid gaps in care or improve access to care in ways not previously available yet create value for an employer.

If employees don’t seek the care they need and get care when they need it, employers will see significant healthcare costs down the road in addition to lost productivity or increased absence.

Session Speakers:

Randy Vogenberg, Board Chair, Employer Provider Interface Council Principal, Institute for Integrated Healthcare

Dr. Vogenberg is principal of the Institute for Integrated Healthcare (IIH), Greenville, SC – formerly in Providence, RI and Boston, MA. At his firm, he and his associates from the business, clinical, and scientific communities focus on commercial employee benefits, care delivery and outcomes research, education, and strategic benefit consulting on medical-legal, clinical or economic issues in commercial health care. Efforts for self-funded employers include innovative contracting, compliance, and holistic care cost management to drive high performing plans.

His work on commercial/employer benefits and care delivery issues has produced a number of books, papers and presentations in peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed venues. Dr. Vogenberg has also published and presented widely on clinical effectiveness, real-world economic outcomes, law, policy and regulation, organizational and patient behavior, continuum of care concepts, and insurance innovation. He continues to be the subject of articles and interviews about market changes or innovation.

Maroof Ahmed, MD, COO & Co-Founder, Quit Genius

Maroof Ahmed is the COO and Co-Founder of Quit Genius, the world’s first digital clinic for multiple addictions. Together with his colleagues Yusuf Sherwani and Sarim Siddiqui, Dr. Ahmed developed a vision for the technology driven addiction treatment platform. Today the company has helped over 60,000 people quit their addictions.

Maroof is seen as an innovator operating at the intersection of healthcare, technology and design. With a medical degree from Imperial College London, Maroof has co-authored 12 peer-reviewed studies on behavioral health and substance addictions. He was featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, 2018, and is the host of Mission Recovery, a podcast that delivers powerful stories from inspiring people to break down the stigma surrounding addiction and empower others to live addiction-free lives.

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