2020 Annual Education Conference Agenda

NOTE due to date change the agenda below could change too.

Thursday, August 13

7:00 AM–8:00 AM

Breakfast and Conference Registration with our Sponsors

8:00 AM-8:10 AM

Opening Remarks

Speakers: Eric Rioux, Associate Vice President, Lockton Companies, SBEN President

Marc Chappell, Executive Director, SBEN

8:10 AM-9:00 AM 

General Session 1: New Technologies and Innovations in Digital Benefits Delivery

New technologies are flooding the Benefits Marketplace. C-suite and HR leaders surveyed by global talent acquisition and management firm Randstad say that they believe technology enhances the attraction, engagement and retention of employees. This session will focus on the latest trends, tips and traps for digital benefits delivery.

Speakers: Jen Zygmunt, Sr. Vice President, Wellbeats

Danny WeillVice President, PartnershipsLifeSpeak

Eric Dyson, Director, ERISA Major Accounts, Wellspring Financial Partners

9:00–9:50 AM

General Session 2: The Latest in ERISA Litigation-Who is getting sued and why. How do you need to prepare for this litigation?

This session will cover the latest ERISA Litigation Trends and discuss how these trends impact your company and clients. What types of claims are being made? Who is getting sued and why? What can your company and clients do now to better position themselves to avoid litigation and/or make litigation more defensible.

Speaker: Howard Shapiro, ERISA Litigation Expert, Jackson Lewis New Orleans Office

9:50 AM-10:10 AM

Refreshment Break with our Sponsors

10:10 AM-11:00 AM 

General Session 3: The Benefits of an Engaged Workforce: Communication Strategies that Really Work

Speakers: Stephanie Schneider, Principal, Engagement Practice, Buck 

11:00 AM-11:50 AM General Session 4

General Session 4: Fit to Lead-The Science and Strategy Behind Living Longer and Better

When it comes to improving your long-term health, eating more nutrient-dense foods and upping your physical activity are both great places to start. But there’s more to it than that. Especially if you want to live longer AND better. In this session, Todd shares the science and strategy behind living a life that energizes and excites you. You’ll learn specific strategies to help you maximize sleep, physical activity, and weight loss as well as scientifically proven steps you can use to build lasting, healthy habits. The session will also focus on how to enhance the quality of your days and why relationships, joy, and gratitude play such an important role in health.

Speaker: Todd Whitthorne, author of Fit Happens! and Chief Inspiration Officer of Naturally Slim

11:50 AM-1:10 PM

Lunch Break with our Sponsors

1:10 PM-2:00 PM

Breakout Session 1

Healthcare Track

Making Onsite Health a Reality: Employer Sponsored Clinics and Patient Centered Medical Homes

While at MNPS, David Hines has established a network of primary care clinics to serve their employees, retirees and their dependents. These clinics, staffed by Family Nurse Practitioners are Medical Homes and serve as the main conduit for medical interventions with the covered population. To help drive individual and group health improvements, he has implemented a data warehouse that combines medical, pharmacy, dental and vision claims, medical records, payroll, health risk assessments and evaluation data.

Speaker:  David Hines, Executive Director Employee Benefits, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Retirement Track

Tips, Traps and Best Practices for QDROs and Other Unusual Benefit Assignment Issues

This session will feature a panel discussion focused on basic and unusual QDRO issues with respect to both pension and 401(k) plans. You will learn why QDROs are necessary to divide retirement plan benefits, and how plan administrators can avoid mistakes that may prove costly if undetected. This session will also touch upon unconventional administrative assignment scenarios of which every benefits professional should be aware.

Speakers: Jarett Hinson, Retirement Benefits Director, UPS

Mariko Knowles, UPS

Susan Lasseter Dubrof, QDRO Benefits Firm, Susan L. Dubrof, LLC

2:10 PM-3:00 PM

Breakout Session 2

Healthcare Track

The Next Phase of Pharmacy, Cost Implications and How Employers Should be Prepared

Speakers: Lisa Logan, Director, Americas Compensation and Benefits, InterContinental Hotels Group

Don Biron, Sr. Consultant, Milliman

Greg Callahan, PBM Consultant, Milliman

Retirement Track

A+ Debt Management Strategies for Student Loan Borrowers

Employers are always seeking to add more value in their benefits package, attract talent and help the company grow. Many are now trying to achieve this by helping employees manage their student loan debt. Recently, in a private ruling, the IRS granted Abbott Labs the option to contribute to employee 401(k) plans based on the employee’s student loan payments. Other companies are offering refinance options to help employees save. In this session you will learn how and why you should consider offering Student Loan Benefits.

Speaker: Allison Anne Hoyt, JD, CLUDirector, Advanced Consulting Group, Nationwide Retirement Plans

3:00 PM-3:20 PM

Refreshment Break with our Sponsors

3:20 PM-4:10 PM

Breakout Session 3

Healthcare Track

Forget What You Know about Insurance: Making Healthcare Simpler and Better for your Employees

Speakers: TBD

Retirement Track

How Millennials and Gen Z Impact Benefits Strategy

Competition for employees is fierce, but if employers are trying to attract Gen Z and Millennials to their workforce by focusing on perks like free avocado toast and ping-pong tables they’re going about it all wrong. The oldest members of Gen Z are 23 years old and are joining Millennials, who are the largest generation in the workforce, in the working world. Both generations are all about the benefits, not just the Benjamins, says a new study from Lincoln Financial Group and the Center for Generational Kinetics. Join us to gain actionable insights into how you and your clients can reach this important demographic.

Moderator: Tom Simonson, Senior Vice President, Lockton

Speaker: Jason KeyVice President, Head of Consultant Relations, Lincoln Financial Group

4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Hosted Reception with our Sponsors

Friday, August 14

7:30 AM–8:30 AM

Breakfast and Conference Registration with our Sponsors

8:30 AM-8:40 AM

Opening Remarks

Speakers: Eric Rioux, Associate Vice President, Lockton Companies, SBEN President

Marc Chappell, Executive Director, SBEN

8:40 AM-9:30 AM 

General Session 5: Governmental Issues-The 2020 Election and the Impact on the Benefits Industry

This session will focus on recent and pending legislation, regulation and compliance issues that impact both healthcare and retirement benefits. Panelists will also take a prospective look at the 2020 Election and the potential impact on the Benefits Industry.

Speakers: Daniel Leshman, CPA, Manager, Elliott Davis

Scott V. WagnerPartner, Morris, Manning and Martin, LLP

9:40 AM-10:30 AM  

General Session 6: The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack-Best Practices for Employers and Employees

Speakers: TBD

10:40 AM-11:30 AM 

General Session 7: Advanced Technologies-A World of Opportunity for Benefits and HR

Speakers: Paul Sywulych, VP Enterprise Digital Solutions, Morneau Shepell

11:40 AM-12:30 PM 

General Session 8: Department of Labor Audit and Investigation Issues

This session will feature a panel discussion covering the most problematic issues in employee benefit plan audits and investigations.  Speakers will discuss delinquent contributions and loan repayments, failure to follow the Plan Document, as well as the definition of compensation, auto enrollment, types of contributions allowed and vesting.

Speakers: Anne Morris, CPA, Audit Principal, Windham Brannon

TBD, Department of Labor, EBSA

12:30 PM

Adjournment and Grab and Go Lunches

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